Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd supplies sheep shearers, shed hands (rouseabout,rousie), classers and crutchers and wool pressers to assist clients with their shearing and crutching needs.

Sheep shearing is large industry that runs off the land; a lot of work goes into maintaining sheep health and hygiene which all falls under the same category.

When you here the term ‘shearing’ I’m sure a lot of you out there just think of a man in a shearing shed (wool shed) with a hand piece shearing a sheep. But it involves more processes then that. Some of which include: penning up, crutching, drenching sheep, drafting, lamb marking ;putting a ring around the testicles and tails for them to drop off then and putting a tag mark on their ear and of course shearing which involve crutching, classers, wool pressers, rousies, shearers.


A lot of these manual tasks are done by farm hands, so it’s a job any one can try. These tasks succeed well with seasonal workers as they fall on specific times of the year, every year. It’s a great opportunity for those eager to receive their 2nd working holiday visa, work for travellers or for those who favour seasonal farm work.


Either way getting into Sheep/Shearing work is an enriching way to join the farm labour job scene and enjoy the land while you’re there.




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